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Love Actually 2: Love, Definitely?

December 14, 2017

Is Love Actually a heartwarming festive classic, or the sexist, fat-shaming cinematic equivalent of finding a lump of coal in your stocking? This week on Beyond The Box Set, we revisited Harry's all-time favourite Christmas movie, and found that our reactions to it diverted rather sharply, actually...

From Hugh Grant's Prime Minister getting the hots for his chubby(?) secretary to Colin Firth's recently dumped writer forming a hasty bond with a woman he's never had a coherent conversation with, Richard Curtis' smash hit ensemble comedy posits that love can blossom in all sorts of unusual places. Well, for straight white men, anyway...

Join us as we debate whether there's any hope for Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman's failing marriage, discuss why Andrew Lincoln will probably end up murdering Kiera Knightley and wearing her skin as a sarong, and argue that Martin Freeman and Joanna Page's dry-humping body doubles may actually have the healthiest relationship in the whole movie...

We also pitch some drinking games for the movie - because by God, you'll need them - and come up with our own fantasy sequels, one of which is considerably more optimistic than the other...


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00.00: Is this shit even a Christmas movie? 

2.35: Bill Nighy is an entitled monster

6.30: Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman's marriage is doomed

11.55: Liam Neeson is a terrible role model 

16.15: Hugh Grant is going to trigger WW3

19.00: Laura Linney navigates workplace harrassment

22.40: Colin Firth is in the midst of a classic midlife crisis

26.25: Andrew Lincoln is an utter creep

30.20: At least the porn stars are talking to each other...

34.35: Kris Marshall demeans American womanhood

39.40: Love Actually Drinking Games

44.45: It's Sexual Harrassment, Actually

51.15: Love Actually 2: Love, Definitely?

1.04.40: Listener Submissions & Episode 45 Preview