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School of Rock 2: Mr Schneebly’s Opus

May 31, 2018

If you have any doubt about how important Jack Black was to the success of School of Rock, just try to imagine literally any other comic actor in his age range playing the part. The role of Dewey Finn, a dangerously unqualified supply teacher who nevertheless uses his musical talent and boundless enthusiasm to inspire a class of pre-teens is probably the purest expression of Black's talents ever seen on the big screen.

It's also a movie that's aged phenomenally well - give or take a dodgy reference or two. So despite John's general antipathy towards rock 'n' roll purists, it was a surprising delight to revisit. In this episode, we talk questionable nicknames, daytime rock concerts and the instant screen legend that is Billy the costume designer, before pitching some ideas for a long overdue class reunion... 


00.00: It's not tacky, and we don't hate it

25.30: School of Rock Drinking Games 

32.30: The Culinary School of Rock

46.00: School of Rock 2: Growing Up

56.20: Listener Submissions & Episode 68 Preview

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