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Of Mice And Men 2: Of Mice And Ben

April 12, 2018

When we first launched Beyond The Box Set back in early 2017, little did we imagine that just over a year later we'd find ourselves reading out self-composed gay Of Mice And Men fan fiction to each other. And yet, here we are...

Of Mice And Men is the 1992 adaptation of John Steinbeck's classic novella, starring Gary Sinise and John Malkovich as George Milton and Lennie Small, two fiercely loyal companions searching for work and dreaming of buying their own farm during the Great American Depression. 

Sinise also directs the movie, making it the second part in our accidental mini-series of movies by directors better known for appearing in front of the camera. It's the kind of reverently faithful adaptations of a classic text that seems to have fallen out of fashion a little bit these days, but what it lacks in invention it more than makes up for in heart and soul. 

After comparing (Cliffs)notes on our experiences with the book and film back in our high school days - awkward use of racially charged profanities and all - we get down to the daunting task of pitching sequels to one of the most beloved works of literature of the 20th century. Never let it be said we're not ambitious...


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00.00: A damning indictment of the Welsh education system 

16.30: Of Mice And Men Drinking Games

24.40: Of Mice And Ben 

40.45: Of Mice And Boys: A Prequel 

53.00: Listener Submissions & Episode 61 Preview 

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