BONUS: Post-Oscars Reaction

February 27, 2017

In the second of our shamelessly off-brand bonus episodes, we blearily reflect on the 2017 Academy Awards, including the most deserved winners, the most robbed losers and the jokes that should have been left on the cutting room floor…

00:00 Intro – The morning after the night before
06:40 Best Supporting Actor, Shots for Suicide Squad & Costume Chat
09:50 We definitely understand the difference between Sound Editing & Sound Mixing
15:20 A bunch of technical awards that Arrival totally should have won
23:00 Nobody steals from The Muppets
27:10 Mel Gibson needs some fresh air
32:25 The greatest Oscar cock-up of all time
33:50 Final thoughts

BONUS: Ranking the 2017 Oscar Nominees

February 26, 2017

Here at Beyond The Box Set, we love the Oscars! So much so, that we’re going totally off-brand with a bonus episode in which we rank all nine of the 2017 Academy Award nominees for Best Picture from worst to best.

Which Best Picture nominee do we really wish had been directed by Steven Spielberg? Which film definitely should have been nominated for Best Achievement in Wigs? And why was one nominee almost ruined by our decision to watch it in a Dutch cinema? Find out in this very special feature-length episode…

00:00 Intro – Going off-brand
00:40 #9: The worst Best Picture Nominee of 2017
05:00 #8: Pacing issues and questionable wig-work
09:10 #7 Acting versus *ACTING!*
14:00 #6 Impenetrable accent work and Best Supporting Extra
18:35 #5 Mahershala Ali is having a very good year
23:50 #4 Hyperbole: The Movie
30:40 #3 The most delightful nominee of the year
35:50 #2 #DryFaceCry
41:00 #1 Never watch a sci-fi movie in a Dutch cinema
47:10 Best Director – John can’t pronounce French
47:45 Best Actor – Look, we’re just calling him Ryan Reynolds now OK?
50:35 Best Actress – Florence Foster Jenkins is hard to say
54:20 Best Supporting Actor – The fraud category
56:15 Best Supporting Actress – Wigs vs SnotCry
58:35 The Jimmy Kimmel Problem