BONUS | Oscar Best Picture Nominees 2019 - RANKED!

February 19, 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year - Oscar Season! Eight movies have been nominated for the prestigious title of Best Picture of 2018... and having watched them all, we have some opinions!

In this very special bonus episode of Beyond The Box Set, we rank this year's Best Picture nominees from worst to first, and predict who we think will be taking home Oscar Gold on Sunday night...

The contenders (in alphabetical order)

- Black Panther

- Blakkklansman

- Bohemian Rhapsody

- The Favourite

- Green Book

- Roma 

- A Star is Born 

- Vice

#102 | Battleship 2: Guess Who?

February 8, 2019

B12 - You sunk my battleship! To kick off our new 'movies based on games' mini-season, podcasting legend Phil Better joins us to discuss the frankly ludicrous 2012 Hasbro cash-in 'Battleship' - starring Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker and Rihanna in a concept so thin it barely covered a single movie, let alone a potential franchise...

Nevertheless, we're not ones to shy away from a challenge, so after we've finished dissecting the horrible dialogue, dreadful pacing and the unnerving sense that Battleship is less a movie than a 130 minute propaganda piece for the US Navy, we go all in on some sequel ideas - most of which involve extending the Hasbro cinematic universe to ever more ludicrous ends...


Beyond The Box Set is a podcast dedicated to pitching sequels, prequels and spin-offs to classic standalone movies. From E.T. to Titanic and everything in between, for over two years and 100+ episodes, we've dedicated our lives to milking cash cows even the most hardened studio exec wouldn't dare touch...

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00.00: If you like chicken burritos...

26.30: Battleship Drinking Games

38.00: Battleship 2: Hungry Hungry Hippos

49.45: Battleship 2: Jenga Edition

54:20 Battleship 2: Guess Who?

1.03.30: Listener Submissions & Episode 103 Preview

BONUS | Movies of 2018 Reviewed… With Sequels! (Part Two)

January 4, 2019

In the second half of our epic 2018 review, we look back at the movies we watched between July and December and deliver our final verdicts - complete with increasingly drunken and dissolute sequel ideas... enjoy!

Remember, you can enjoy full-length reviews of all of these movies by signing up to our Patreon at

0.30: Skyscraper

4.45: Incredibles 2

8.50: Mission Impossible - Fallout

13.00: Mamma Mia 2

16.00: Hotel Artemis

20.05: The Meg

25.55: BlacKkKlansman

27.10: Crazy Rich Asians

31.30: Searching

37.50: The Predator

44.20: Venom

48.45: Bad Times At The El Royale

57.15: First Man

1.04.25: A Star is Born

1.12.50: Bohemian Rhapsody

1.19.10: Widows

1.25.10: Fantastic Beasts - The Crimes of Grindelwald

1.30.15: Robin Hood

1.33.15: Spiderman - Into The Spiderverse

1.35.55: Mortal Engines

1.38.00: Mary Poppins Returns

1.40.35: Final Rankings + 2019 Preview

BONUS | Movies of 2018 Reviewed… With Sequels! (Part One)

January 2, 2019

In addition to pitching sequels to old films, we also watched a lot of new releases in 2018. So we thought we'd end the year with a look back at everything we caught at the cinema over the past 12 months, while also attempting to pitch some very quick sequel ideas for them. 

This was a very silly idea that turned into a literal all-nighter, so we've split the results into two parts. Here's part one, in which we ran down everything we saw between January and June. Spoilers abound, obviously!

You can listen to full-length review episodes for all of these films by subscribing to our Patreon for as little as $2 per month. 

00.00: Molly's Game

04.55: The Post

07.25: Downsizing

12.35: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

16.08: The Greatest Showman

20.50: Phantom Thread

25.40: Call Me By Your Name

30.55: Black Panther

36.45: Darkest Hour

38.25: The Shape of Water

41.25: Coco

45.30: Ladybird

49.00: I, Tonya

52.35: Red Sparrow

55.30: Tomb Raider

58.30: Ready Player One

1.05.55: Love, Simon

1.08.50: Isle of Dogs

1.11.30: A Quiet Place

1.13.40: Deadpool 2

1.19.45: Avengers: Infinity War

1.24.40: Solo - A Star Wars Story

1.26.10: Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom

1.29.30: Hereditary 

1.33.55: Ocean's Eight

1.36.30: Leave No Trace

#96 | Jack Frost 2: The Meltdown

December 21, 2018

The year is 1998. Michael Keaton plays an absent father who, after being tragically killed on his way home for Christmas, reincarnates in the form of a wisecracking snowman in order to re-connect with his traumatised son. Sounds like a movie with all the makings of a feelgood seasonal classic, right? Wrong...

A notorious festive turkey that critics dubbed 'grotesque' 'creepy' and 'almost unwatchable', Jack Frost received an equally chilly reception at the box office, and endures now only due to its reputation as one of the worst and most wrongheaded family movies ever made.

So, naturally, we just couldn't wait to talk about it. Tune into this week's podcast to hear us sound off on 15 minute musical sequences, tin-eared dialogue, the inexplicable logistics of possessing the body of a snowman and much more. 


Beyond The Box Set is a weekly podcast that takes an affectionately satirical look at the rise of franchise culture. Each week, we spotlight a classic standalone movie and compete to pitch the most ridiculous sequel, prequel or spin-off ideas to bring them back to the big screen.

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00.00: Is Snow Dad *really* better than no dad? 

31.25: Jack Frost Drinking Games

37.30: Jack Frost Returns

49.30: Oh My God! I'm a Snowman!

59.30: Listener Submissions & Episode 97 Preview

#87 | Red Riding Hood II : Red Riding Hoodie

October 18, 2018

Little Red Riding Hood meets Twilight meets Murder On The Orient Express in this rather bizarre fairytale recalling directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Harry got bored, but John was compelled by the terrible camera work and ludicrously convoluted plot. Plus, Gary Oldman plays a wolf slayer with silver fingernails and a 20ft elephant, and that can never entirely be a bad thing...

In the third and penultimate edition of our Halloween 'Season of the Wolf', we discuss the Twilight effect, Virginia Madsen's alarming new face, Julie Christie's scenery chewing and much more, before pitching some fantasy sequels that inclue a Law & Order-inspired fairytale crime drama and a modern-day sex horror whodunnit with a terrifying twist. We guarantee that both are more interesting than the original - although that isn't exactly a high bar to clear...


Every week on Beyond The Box Set, we take a classic standalone movie and compete to pitch sequel, prequel or spin off odess to bring it back to the big screen. From Oscar darlings to forgotten flops, we're running the gamut of cinema history in an effort to prove that no film is too good - or too bad - to spawn a franchise. 

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00.00: Gary Oldman's torture elephant

32.30: Red Riding Hood Drinking Games

42.45: Red Riding Hood II: Red Riding Hoodie

59.50: G.R.I.M.M - The Father Solomon Chronicles

1.12.30: Listener Submissions & Episode 88 Preview

#79 | Sausage Party 2: Starbaked

August 23, 2018

Food and sex can be a wonderful combination... at times. Sausage Party is not one of those times. 

Written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, Sausage Party imagines a world in which processed food is sentient and worships human beings as Gods... little imagining the horrors that await them when they're finally purchased. Not the worst concept in the world, but sadly not one that has the smarts or the laughs to sustain a feature film.

This week on Beyond The Box Set, Harry and John find themselves challenged with pitching sequel ideas for a movie they were pretty much sick of after the first ten minutes of food puns and nonsensical sex jokes. It's a tall order, so tune in to find out how they did. Please. Seriously, if you don't, we sat through this garbage for nothing...


Beyond The Box Set is the hit British podcast that believes every great movie deserves a questionable sequel. Each week our two hosts revisit a classic standalone feature and compete to pitch the most ridiculous sequel, prequel or spin-off ideas to bring them back to the big screen. 

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00.00: John is deeply uncomfortable about dough-based vaginas

28.50: Sausage Party Drinking Games

34.10: Starbaked: A Franchise of Diminishing Returns 

44.25: Sausage Party 2: A Fistful of Sausages 

59.20: A Knight's Tale 2: The Gorgeous Ladies of Jousting

53.00: Listener Submissions & Episode 80 Preview

#75 | Drag Me To Hell II: Justin’s Long Con

July 26, 2018

Talking goats, doomed kittens and a *lot* of projectile vomiting, Drag Me To Hell found Sam Raimi back in his comedy-horror element after his lucrative turn behind the Spider Man franchise. But does it have the potential to become an Evil Dead-esque franchise? 

For this week's episode of Beyond The Box Set, we discuss the extreme pettiness of Gypsy curses, Octavia Spencer's blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo and the wonderfully ludicrous concept of Professor Justin Long, before pitching our own ideas for extending the franchise - including a sequel set entirely in hell itself, and the unlikely but strangely compelling confluence of Star Wars, Jade Pinkett-Smith and Sam Raimi.


Beyond The Box Set is a movie podcast with a devilish twist. Every week, we take a classic standalone movie and compete to pitch the most ridiculous sequel, prequel and spin-off ideas to bring them back to the big screen. From Gladiator: The Musical to a stoner comedy sequel to Titanic, no cinematic sacred cow is safe from our questionably creative writing...

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00.00: Why Harry travelled 50 miles to see this movie 

38.05: Drag Me To Hell Drinking Games

49.00: Drag Me To Hell II: Justin's Long Con

1.10.15: Drag Me 2 Hell: Two Tickets To Damnation

1.21.40: Listener Submissions & Episode 76 Preview

#64 | Waterworld 2: The Shape of Waterworld

May 10, 2018

You may find this week's episode of Beyond The Box Set to be bloated, incoherent and confused. If so, consider it a tribute to this week's featured movie. Directed by Kevin Reynolds with a lot of alleged back-seat meddling from star Kevin Costner, Waterworld is an unholy mess of an action-adventure epic that quickly went down in history as one of the most notorious bombs of its time.

Watching the movie back to day, there's actually a lot to enjoy about Waterworld, and the film certainly has its defenders. But it's also a film that makes a lot of baffling choices, leaving a potentially interesting premise drowning in jarring tonal shifts and bewildering plot mechanics. 

In this week's extended episode, join us as we spend the best part of an hour just attempting to untangle Waterworld's plot, discuss the bizarre un-likability of Kevin Costner and attempt to salvage this movie from its watery grave with some potential sequel ideas - including a Wonder Woman inspired return to Dryland, and an apocalyptic crossover with shades of Dan Harmon...


00.00: What's Kevin Costner's Appeal? 

56.50: The Science of Waterworld w/Ross Burton

59.55: Waterworld Drinking Games

1.07.20: The Shape of Waterworld

1.24.50: Waterworld 2 - The Four Elements

1.38.15: Listener Submissions & Episode 65 Preview

OSCAR BONUS | Ranking the 2018 Best Picture Nominees

February 27, 2018

It's Oscar time! We love an awards show here at Beyond The Box Set, so in honour of the biggest one of all, we're taking a quick detour from pitching ridiculous sequels to compare notes on the 2018 Academy Award nominees for Best Picture. 

Over the past few months, we've sat through all nine of the Best Picture nominees, plus as many of other other major award contenders as we could squeeze in. Some were great, some were mediocre, but none of them sucked as much as Hacksaw Ridge

Join us as we rank the nominees from worst to best, predict the winners of the other major trophies - including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Original Score and the always thrilling Best Sound Editing. 

We also talk about some of the films we think got a raw deal this Oscar season - and attempt to right some wrongs with our very own Beyond The Box Set awards, featuring categories that actually matter, such as Hottest Sex Scene, Achievement in Wigs and Least Necessary Celebrity Cameo. 

Whether you're a hardened Oscar nerd or a casual follower, this episode offers the perfect primer for Sunday night's show. Stay tuned for our hung over post-Oscars reaction episode too, due out whenever we manage to drag ourselves out of bed on Monday...

The Academy Award nominees for Best Picture in 2018 are

- Call Me By Your Name

- The Darkest Hour

- Dunkirk

- Get Out

- Lady Bird

- Phantom Thread

- The Post

- The Shape of Water

- Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missourri 


Beyond The Box Set is a top ten TV & Film podcast officially rated 'Binge Worthy' by Apple Podcasts. Each week, we take a classic standalone movie and compete to pitch the most ridiculous sequels, prequels and spin-offs to bring them back to the big screen. 

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00.00: Ranking The Best Picture Nominees

02.30: Horrible Lighting and Redundant Female Characters 

06.40: Nice Kaftans, Shame About The Movie

09.30: Needed More Fabulous Dresses

12.40: Weird Sex and Poor Casting Choices

15.15: High Hopes and A Quick Finish 

18.20: This Film Gave Me Whiplash

22.40: Something Fishy

28.00: The Superior WW2 Movie

34.55: The People's Champion

39.00: Quickfire Oscar Predictions

1.06.10: The Beyond The Box Set Awards